IntoFlow Advisory Board


IntoFlow’s advisory board is composed of established experts from complementary fields and disciplines. The advisory board meets bi-annually, and members qualify as such by contributing in at least two of the following ways:

  • Financial contribution
  • Availability (Time)
  • Notoriety


The advisory board supports IntoFlow by providing strategic advice and guidance on a successful commercialization of IntoFlow’s human-centered management approach. Moreover, the advisory board aims at establishing contacts through their professional network to grow the business.


The members of IntoFlow’s advisory board are not legal representatives of the company, but multidisciplinary experts who meet in regular working sessions to discuss the issues, risks, challenges, possible solutions and priorities of IntoFlow’s business activity.

Julien Perriard

Psychologue du travail et des organisations, intervenant et formateur spécialiste des dynamiques psychosociales en organisation, coresponsable de la Cellule ARC

Simone Noussitou de Rham

Coach et consultante,
Leadership Development et transition